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2014 Vol. 2‚ Issue 2

European Journal of Environmental and Safety Sciences  


2014 Vol. 2, Issue 2

Table of Contents 


The rate of oxygen consumption from a cone calorimeter as an original criterion of evaluation of the fire risk for the Resin Kit polymers (Original Research Paper)

Jozef Rychlý • Martina Hudáková • Lyda Rychlá • Katarína Csomorová    

Pages 23-27 Download paper (PDF 472 K)


Short-term change in the thermal conductivity of a loam soil after a forest fire (Original Research Paper)

Carles M. Rubio

Pages 28-36 Download paper (PDF 804 K)


Results of forest opening-up analysis for ground mobile fire-fighting equipment deployment in LS Maluzina territory – Case study (Original Research Paper)

Jaroslav Kapusniak • Andrea Majlingová

Pages 37-47 Download paper (PDF 940 K)


Computational simulation of road tunnel fire protection by sprinklers (Original Research Paper)

Manuel Serban • Silviu Codescu • Ionel-Alin Mocioi

Pages 48-52 Download paper (PDF 532 K)


Water pollution along the Mahim Creek of Mumbai, India - Study of physico-chemical properties (Original Research Paper)

P. U. Singare • S. E. L. Ferns • E. R. Agharia

Pages 53-58 Download paper (PDF 484 K)


Assessment of phytoremediation potentials of legumes in spent engine oil contaminated soil (Original Research Paper)

H. Y. Ismail • U. J. J. Ijah • M. L. Riskuwa • I. A. Allamin • M. A. Isah

Pages 59-64 Download paper (PDF 560 K)


The synergistic approach of plants and rhizobacteria in crude oil contaminated soil remediation (Original Research Paper)

K. M. Ukaegbu-Obi • C. C. Mbakwem-Aniebo

Pages 65-70 Download paper (PDF 596 K)


Research and analysis of noise emitted by vehicles according to the type of surface roads and driving speed (Original Research Paper)

Marek Rybakowski • Grzegorz Dudarski • Edward Kowal

Pages 71-78 Download paper (PDF 656 K)


Probabilistic-deterministic modelling of fire spread (Original Research Paper)

Vladimir Mozer • Peter Wilkinson • Miroslav Smolka • Piotr Tofilo

Pages 79-83 Download paper (PDF 504 K)