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2013 Vol. 1‚ Issue 1

European Journal of Environmental and Safety Sciences  


2013 Vol. 1, Issue 1

Table of Contents 


Evaluation of plywood fire behaviour by ISO tests (Original Research Paper)

Qiang Xu • Martin Zachar • Andrea Majlingová • Cong Jin • Yong Jiang       

Pages 1-7 Download paper (PDF 908 K)


Modification of procedure to initiate the solids according to EN 60695-2-10 for materials used in historic buildings (Original Research Paper)

Andrea Majlingová • Milan Oravec • Marek Šolc • Štefan Galla

Pages 8-12 Download paper (PDF 1572 K)


Evaluation of thermal oxidation of vegetable oils by the means of safety calorimeter SEDEX (Original Research Paper)

Ivan Hrušovský • Jozef Martinka • Tomáš Chrebet

Pages 13-17 Download paper (PDF 621 K)


On equivalent fire exposure (Original Research Paper)

Vladimír Mózer

Pages 18-23 Download paper (PDF 2191 K)


Assessment of the impact of heat flux density on the combustion efficiency and fire hazard of spruce pellets (Original Research Paper)

Jozef Martinka • Tomáš Chrebet • Ivan Hrušovský • Karol Balog

Pages 24-31 Download paper (PDF 2308 K)